CIIE has just ended and Shanghai Exotrade Consulting is continuing at full steam ahead. Yesterday, we were guests at the special Summit dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative, where we were the only representatives of countries from 16+1 initiative.

Belt and Road initiative remains the key mechanism for the cooperation between countries on the Silk Road, as well as the basic mechanism of cooperation between China and the rest of the world. According to yesterday’s forum, BRI still brings optimism among participants. State officials and ambassadors, as well as entrepreneurs, gathered at the meeting share the same vision. Although the focus of the forum was on presenting the targets and results of the initiative, B2B meetings were also held on the sidelines of the forum.

The meeting focused on building the cultural exchange relationship between countries on the Silk Road and China, as well as further stimulating trade and agricultural exchange. Part of the forum was dedicated to Russia – China relations, but there was a lot of space for discussion about cooperation with other countries within the Belt and Road Initiative. Chinese officials and entrepreneurs have repeatedly emphasized the importance of establishing strong trade and cultural ties with European countries, especially with the 16 + 1 member countries.

The forum has shown once again that there is an abundance of willingness and interest to cooperate from the Chinese side. It is now up to us to carefully analyze the requests and try to respond as best we can.

In cooperation with all stakeholders, Shanghai Exotrade continues to work on building win-win relationships with all partners, as it is clear to us that the Chinese market is big enough for everyone. Yesterday’s forum reiterated why it is important to use existing mechanisms like BRI to connect with companies that share the same vision and values ​​as you. BRI is increasing and it will continue in the future and it is up to us to accompany it and learn along the way.

We are aware that the Chinese market is an unsolvable enigma for entrepreneurs who are not sufficiently familiar with it and that is why we are open to all your questions and doubts. Who knows, there may be something in the Chinese market that can significantly pull your business forward.

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