Exotrade Ltd. is specialized in international trade, mainly in providing logistics and consulting services. With the HQ located in Rijeka (Croatia) we serve our customers from all over the world.

Most of our partners and clients come from the following countries: Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and China.






Zaštita prava intelektualnog vlasništva u Kini – (Ne)moguća misija prvi dio

Na početku rada sa Kinom bit će toliko nepozanica, da vas glava lako može zaboljeti. Međutim, ono što većina ljudi zna o Kini, tj. misli da zna o Kini, jest činjenica da se u Kini prava intelektualnog vlasništva ne poštuju i da što god dali kineskoj tvornici da proizvode za vas, izvisit će te, jer, eto, kineski proizvođači su zli i samo gledaju kako će vas prevariti.

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Marketing and sales aim to position products in the market and bring (or increase) profits. To achieve satisfactory results, the two must be aligned. As a salesperson with several years of experience and some knowledge about marketing, I decided to write a few sentences about the differences between sales and marketing in Europe and China.

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Belt Road Initiative in Focus

CIIE has just ended and Shanghai Exotrade Consulting is continuing at full steam ahead. Yesterday, we were guests at the special Summit dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative, where we were the only representatives of countries from 16+1 initiative. 

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